Петро Оринич

Науковец. Інжынєр. Языкознавця.

Робота зрецензувана і опубликувана. Прошу цитувати яко:

Orynycz, P. (2022). Say It Right: AI Neural Machine Translation Empowers New Speakers to Revitalize Lemko. В: Degen, H., Ntoa, S. (ред.) Artificial Intelligence in HCI. HCII 2022. Lecture Notes in Computer Science(), т. 13336. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-05643-7_37

Paper: AI Neural Machine Translation in Multi-Lingual Training

This version of the contribution has been accepted for publication, after peer review (when applicable) but is not the Version of Record and does not reflect post-acceptance improvements, or any corrections. The Version of Record is available online at: https://www.xcdsystem.com/iitsec/proceedings/index.cfm?Year=2021&AbID=96953&CID=862#View. Use of this Accepted Version is subject to the publisher’s Accepted Manuscript terms of use.


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Pioneer and deploy breakthrough artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies to strengthen communities, national security, and public health & safety, including via revitalization of indigenous, minority and endangered languages.


I am a senior software engineer specializing in natural language processing (NLP) applications, including artificial intelligence (AI) neural machine translation (NMT), with decades of transatlantic experience.


Invented world’s first and only Lemko Rusyn/Ukrainian machine translation engine, with paper published by apex journal Springer Nature. Work trusted by defense, law enforcement, Google, Amazon, Siemens, Raytheon, BMW and Mercedes.


Я отримал дипльом по скінчыню студий на Ягайлоньскым Університеті в Кракові — альма матер Миколая Коперника і Івана Павла ІІ.


Slavic Hungarian-American 🇭🇺🇺🇸 of Lemko Rusyn Ukrainian 🇺🇦 ethnicity (just like Andy Warhol!), also a speaker of Polish 🇵🇱 and Russian 🇷🇺.


Street workouts 🏋️‍♂️, street yoga 🧘‍♂️, retro sci-fi 🛸 and Cyberpunk. Digital nomading🏖️.

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