Lemko Artificial Intelligence Manhattan Project Breakthrough Delivers Humanlike Translations

MANHATTAN, Sept 25 (LEMKOTRAN.COM) – Breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI) neural machine translation (NMT) technology has delivered real-time translations at near-human quality, with Lemko to English engines deployed in Manhattan achieving a speed of 95,877 words per hour and corpus bilingual evaluation understudy (BLEU) score of 17.74 against a professional human linguist’s score of 28.

“These newly deployed AI translators empower new speakers of Lemko to read in their heritage language immediately, without undergoing the thousands of hours of instruction and immersion normally required,” said Petro Orynycz, the linguist and engineer behind the project.

The language revitalization “Manhattan project” is just ramping up, with sights set on delivering translations that are “more human than human”, that is, able to deliver real-time translations more accurate than those of professional field linguists.

The Lemko-English transliteration and translation service has been freely available to the public since 2017 at www.lemkotran.com


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