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Lemko genetically belongs to the southwestern Ukrainian dialect system, within which it is differentiated by fixed stress on the next-to-last syllable (Orynycz, 2023). Such dialects are indigenous to, minoritized, and endangered in territories now administered by Poland and, since 1993, the Slovak Republic, where they are often referred to as Rusyn and subsequently confused for dialects of identical or similar names. If you are from the American diaspora you may have heard your heritage language called Carpatho-Russian or Carpatho-Rusyn growing up.

The translator app makes use of AI and test-driven development (TDD) to deliver translations up to 6 times more accurate than Google Translate, as measured by the DARPA-backed BLEU metric.

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й ц у к е н г ш щ з х ї
ф і в а п р о л д ж є
ґ я ч с м и т ь б ю ы

12 responses to “Lemko Translator”

  1. Thomas A Harhai Avatar
    Thomas A Harhai

    This is great labor of love for us proud Lemko. My baba and dido would be so proud!!

    1. Petro Orynycz (Петро Оринич) Avatar

      Many thanks, Thomas! Much appreciated.

  2. Georgianna Kostak Avatar

    Unable to attempt English to Lemko

    1. Petro Orynycz (Петро Оринич) Avatar

      Hi Georgianna, thank you for reaching out. There was some system maintenance today, is it working for you now?

  3. Aleksandar Jovanović Avatar
    Aleksandar Jovanović

    When will you make a Rusyn translator? I would love to see that.

    1. Petro Orynycz (Петро Оринич) Avatar

      Thanks for your interest in the project, Aleksandar. Work on the translator for Rusyn as codified in Slovakia will start as soon as the Lemko translator achieves a near-human or superhuman bilingual evaluation understudy (BLEU) score. Hopefully soon!

  4. Aleksandar Jovanović Avatar
    Aleksandar Jovanović

    Oh wow… fast response! And I can’t wait for it to release! Good luck.

    1. Petro Orynycz (Петро Оринич) Avatar

      Fast response because you caught me while I was checking my email 🙂 Thank you for your support, Aleksandar!

  5. Aleksandar Jovanović Avatar
    Aleksandar Jovanović

    Just a question, what is the difference between Lemko and Rusyn?

    1. Joseph Avatar

      Geography, dialect + accent. Lemko as a subset of RUSYN.
      Take the above as opinion. 🙂

      1. Amelia Avatar

        The above is not opinion. It is correct.

  6. daka Avatar

    Lemko is very close to Polish. Was Lemko Polonized?

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